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Pamela Sng Speaker Profile

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Pamela Sng | Good Start Conference Speaker
Pamela Sng | Good Start Conference Speaker

Senior Consultant and Research

Lead for Great Place to Work® ASEAN and ANZ

Great Place To Work

Pamela is the thinker when it comes to research reports and trends as she makes sense of what it means. She has over two decades of consulting and policy experience helping organizations in their journey to become fair and progressive employers. She believes that every organization has the potential to be a great workplace, and works with data to distil insights and develop resources to help them. When Pamela puts on her hat in content development, research and recognition, she works with organizations to improve their workplace practices and create an inclusive environment for their employees. When she’s not burrowing down the rabbit hole of numbers and words, she’s immersed in a new Netflix series or catching up with friends over a good meal and drinks.

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