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How do we achieve inclusion in preschool classrooms?

The Singapore Government announced in April 2021 new initiatives to enhance inclusion and support for children with developmental needs. These initiatives are "to enable children with developmental needs to learn, play, contribute and participate meaningfully, alongside their typically developing peers in preschools and the community."

To achieve this equity, it is important for the early childhood community to understand what works and what doesn't. There is a need to translate policies, frameworks, and research studies and data into classroom practices that will achieve positive outcomes for children and families.

In this conference, we will look at some of these evidence-based practices and invite the early childhood community to learn and work together so that our children can have a good start in life.


While our main target audience are early years practitioners (think: preschool teachers, early interventionists, educational support teachers etc), anyone is open to join us. 

As long as you desire to be part of the force that makes every preschool in Singapore inclusive, join us! We trust it will be a meaningful time for you.


The Conference will run from 9am to 5pm. Registration will begin at 8.30am.

There will be a Morning (AM) Programme, and an Afternoon (PM) Programme. You may choose to go for the full day, or either of the half-day programme. 

What will be covered in the AM Plenary Sessions:

  • Keynote Speech 

  • Panel Discussion and Q&A 

What will be covered in the PM Break Out Sessions

  • 2 Rounds of Break Out Seminars/Workshops​​

Full Day: 70 SGD
Half Day: 40 SGD

We have kept the Conference costs low so that more practitioners can join us. Please note that refreshments and lunch are not provided.

You may, however, bring your own snacks and consume them as long as they are not within the halls and rooms!


The Conference will be held at the Lifelong Learning Institute, Singapore. Please refer to the map.


Please also note that this is a physical conference. Hence, all Conference attendees are to be fully vaccinated.

If you/your organisation is based overseas but wish(es) to attend, please reach us at

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ECIC 2022 is part of a larger movement, Good Start SG, that endeavors to advance evidence-based inclusive best practices in Singapore.

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