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Jean Foo Speaker Profile

Updated: May 7

Jean Foo | Good Start Conference Speaker
Jean Foo | Good Start Conference Speaker

Director/Case Consultant

The Colourful Mind Pte Ltd

Ms Jean Foo graduated from The National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Mathematics. She later went on to pursue her Master in Education at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT, Australia). Upon returning to Singapore in 2003, Jean taught children Math and Science before deciding to work with children of various abilities. She joined an international ABA service provider in 2005 where she received her training in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Since then, she has been working with individuals with developmental and learning disabilities, helping them in their language and communication skills, social interaction, emotional regulation, behavioural management and other developmental skills. Through the years, she has acquired different skills and teaching methods (e.g., Social Thinking) in working with children and youth. She also conducts training programmes for children, youth, parents, and schools on various topics.

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