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Break Out C.E5 Social Thinking leads to Good Social Skills, Everywhere, Everytime

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

*this break out presentation/workshop will be conducted in English


Topic: C.E5 Social Thinking leads to Good Social Skills, Everywhere, Everytime

Synopsis: By the time kids go to pre-school, they are expected to behave in socially appropriate ways and work with peers to play or get things done. They become increasingly sophisticated in the ways they do this and eventually are ready for team problem solving in the workforce.

When a child struggles to ‘fit in’, it always leads to anxiety, stress, behavioural issues and mental health risks. But simply teaching the kid good social skills does not mean he can work well with his peers, nor ensure his sense of ‘belonging’. Clearly it requires more than social skills and being nice or appropriate.

When we build social awareness and understanding, we ensure a child’s social-emotional well-being. This is growing social thinking - an individual’s ability to ‘figure out people and situations’ so they can navigate their evolving landscapes across life.

Through this workshop, participants can expect to learn:

(1) What is social thinking and how it differs to social skills (2) The Social Competency model to encourage social problem solving and grow one’s self concept (3) Key vocabulary to help kids become better observers and interpreters of social contexts in class or at home

(4) The levels of peer play and how children learn to share space and share minds in a group (5) The basic tenets of the Social Thinking methodology


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