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Chithra Kathiresan Speaker Profile

Chithra Kathiresan | Good Start Conference Speaker
Chithra Kathiresan | Good Start Conference Speaker

Clinical Director

Speech-Language Therapist

Connect and Communicate LLP

Chithra has lived and worked in Singapore as a speech therapist for more than 30 years. She trains extensively both locally and in the region. She is the co-founder and clinical director of Connect and Communicate in Singapore, a private practice dedicated to social communication and supporting relating and thinking across the lifespan. Social Thinking®, DIRFloortime®, and Hanen® are cornerstones of this multi-disciplinary practice that sees children as young as toddlers, all the way to teens, youths, and adults. Chithra is a certified trainer in DIR Floortime and Social Thinking and is part of the teaching faculty of these organisations in the US. She is a passionate speaker who aspires to not just educate, but inspire and invite action.

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