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Break Out B.E6 Building Social Communication Skills... (read more)

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

*this break out presentation/workshop will be conducted in English


Topic: B.E6 Building Social Communication Skills for Better Behaviour Regulation and Academic Learning

Synopsis: What does social communication have to do with emotion regulation and behaviour management? How does this develop from early childhood through play and natural everyday interactions the child engages in with his caregivers (teachers and parents)? How does this impact academic learning including reading comprehension, story-telling, conversation and negotiation skills?

Behaviour regulation and active emotional engagement is essential to function as part of a classroom and learn. Our children increasingly struggle with this, not just due to the effect of being isolated during the pandemic, but also due to changes in lifestyle and parenting. Behaviour regulation in essence requires emotion management.

Through this workshop, participants can expect to learn

(1) How emotions relate to regulation, communication, thinking and learning

(2) The key functional emotional developmental levels that begin in childhood and support an individual through adulthood

(3) How caregivers can play a central role in developing these capacities through everyday interactions

(4) Strategies to support two-way engagement of the child in class or at home

(5) The basic tenets of the D.I.R Floortime methodology


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