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Break Out B.E2 Some-THINK to Play

*this break out presentation/workshop will be conducted in English


Speaker(s): Tracy Er (Presbyterian Preschool Services)

Topic: B.E2 Some-THINK to Play: Transform effortless explorations into conscious efforts to support children’s learning

Synopsis: Have you ever seen a child fill the LEGO box then tip it over, only to fill the LEGO box again to tip it over and then fill the LEGO box and then tip it over again. If you have ever wondered why a toddler repeats an activity or action over and over again you will be interested to learn about ‘Schema’.

Schema is part of essential brain development and it is fundamental to learning – seeing patterns, forming expectations, questioning, reasoning, problem solving and making predictions as they explore movement of objects and of their own body. What may appear to be random, comical or even ‘annoying’ behaviour is, in fact, a natural and powerful urge for a young child with a purpose and intention behind it.

Through this workshop, we will learn the importance of observing and identifying these actions/behaviours, so as to understand what the child might be learning and better support their learning and development. You will be provided with practical handers to support children in developing such effortless explorations into conscious efforts to further their own learning and development.

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