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Break Out B.E1 Cultivating Higher Order Thinking through LEGO Play

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

*this break out presentation/workshop will be conducted in English


Topic: B.E1 Cultivating Higher Order Thinking through LEGO Play

Synopsis: Have you seen a child build objects and worlds seemingly out of thin air when they play with LEGOs? Or have you observed a toddler pick up a LEGO plate only to place it next to her ear and start blabbering, pretending it were a phone? Through LEGO play, children's imaginations are sparked and their abstract thinking abilities are engaged. This is the beginning of a child's ability to exercise Symbolic Representation.

Symbolic Representation (SR) lays the foundation for children to hone their higher-order cognitive development. This is because SR is what helps a child connect the dots between what is concrete to abstract, and vice-versa. This skill is especially important as it lays the foundation to literacy skills, creative problem-solving, mathematical concepts and executive functioning.

Through this workshop, participants can expect to

(1) Be equipped with lesson ideas and techniques to introduce symbolic representation to children

(2) Learn how to introduce opportunities for children to demonstrate SR in every day classroom activities

(3) Learn how to scaffold lessons on SR, which includes breaking down abstract concepts into simple concrete steps for children's understanding, and the development of higher order thinking skills

(4) Understand SR develops a child's ability to identify patterns & relationships; skills preluding abstract mathematical concepts

(5) Learn lesson modifications strategies to implement SR learning opportunities for children who may have added needs


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