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Alicia Yah Speaker Profile

Updated: May 7

Alicia Yah | Good Start Conference Speaker
Alicia Yah | Good Start Conference Speaker

Curriculum Mentor

Presbyterian Preschool Services

Alicia's early childhood career begun with St. James Church Kindergarten. She grew to be the Principal at SJCK (Gilstead) and oversaw the running of multiple Centres under Anglican Preschool Services as the Cluster Principal before joining PPS as a Curriculum Mentor.

Her wealth of experience was enriched by her opportunity to visit Loris Malaguzzi's International Centre to experience the Reggio Emilia Approach in 2017. That experience, along with her years of working with teachers, deepened her drive to develop teachers so that they are able to learn well and teach well.

"Teachers are the best resources in the classroom to promote learning. When wellsupported, they spark a child's creativity and love for learning, and enable them to make meaningful connections in the world."

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