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Break Out A.E1 The Power of Therapeutic Play in the Classroom

*this break out presentation/workshop will be conducted in English


Speaker(s): Raine Too (Little Marvels Therapy) and Grace Lim (Creative Play Lab)

Topic: A.E1 The Power of Therapeutic Play in the Classroom

Synopsis: What is play therapy? How does it work in the playroom?How can teachers adapt the therapeutic powers of play to support children who experience emotional and social difficulties in their classroom?

This workshop will provide an introduction to the power of therapeutic play and the play therapy toolkit. Participants will get to hear anecdotal stories and learn strategies through experiential activities to empower children toward social emotional regulation, engagement and better learning outcomes.

Participants will enjoy: * brief overview of what therapeutic play is * understanding why play therapy works * hands on experience of parts of the play toolkit * sharing of case studies * strategies to apply in the classroom

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