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Grace Lim Speaker Profile

Updated: May 7

Grace Lim | Good Start Conference Speaker
Grace Lim | Good Start Conference Speaker

Certified Therapeutic Play Practitioner

Creative Play Lab Pte Ltd

Grace’s passion is to empower families and children through PLAY to heal, build good enough attachment-based parent-child relationship which will result in well-adjusted, confident and resilient individuals for LIFE. Grace’s background in early childhood and with children on the Autism Spectrum enables her to provide holistic and developmentally appropriate therapeutic support to children and caregivers. Having worked with children in private practise, residential homes and schools, Grace is experienced with a range of presenting issues, including: • attachment issues • special needs (eg ASD, ADHD) • grief and loss • social and emotional regulation • school adjustment and stress • complex family backgrounds (eg divorce, incarcerated parents, safety issue) She continues to develop professionally as certified Play Therapist to deepen in her work with children. A mother of 6 children, Grace’s own parenting journey has been a continuous process of allowing her therapeutic learning to shape and guide her parenting style towards her own tribe.

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