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Eileen Boey Speaker Profile

Eileen Boey | Good Start Conference Speaker
Eileen Boey | Good Start Conference Speaker

Head of English Curriculum

Presbyterian Preschool Services

Eileen is a vibrant and inspiring trainer who regularly trains and mentors teachers and principals so that they can provide a strong foundation of truth, beauty and goodness for every child. Her foray into the sector started 13 years ago when she was a trainee teacher. Having risen the ranks in the early childhood sector, she is not only deeply passionate in bringing out the best in children, but also in teachers and principals under her care. Having ridden through major shifts during the pandemic, Eileen exemplifies the importance of pursuing workplace excellence, while caring for staff's needs. As the Head of English Curriculum in Presbyterian Preschool Services, Eileen's core work involves the transformation of the childcare centres' curriculum. In 2023, she spearheads the implementation of the cognitive thinking strategy (Visible Thinking Routines by Harvard Graduate School of Education) in the classroom so that children have the means to articulate their perspectives.

She trains herself and consistently seeks opportunities to upgrade and upskill so as to answer the call of God to open a Centre for the underprivileged children. She has volunteered in Malaysia and is frequently volunteering in Cambodia to better their quality of early childhood education.

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