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Dr Fannie Khng Speaker Profile

Updated: May 7

Dr Fannie Khng | Good Start Conference Speaker
Dr Fannie Khng | Good Start Conference Speaker

Senior Education Research Scientist

National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University

Dr Fannie Khng Kiat Hui is a Senior Research Scientist at the Centre for Research in Child Development and Deputy Director (Academic), Research Management, at the Education Research Funding Programme Office, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. Dr Khng has a background in applied cognitive psychology and utilizes a broad range of research methods including experimental, correlational, longitudinal, and neuroimaging techniques. Interfacing developmental cognitive psychology, education, and science of learning, her research interests are centered on executive functioning and self-regulation. Dr Khng’s earlier work focused on the role of executive functions in mathematical learning and counterintuitive reasoning. Her current work focuses on understanding the longitudinal development of children’s executive functions, self-regulation, and well-being, including the role of parents and schools, and how they interact with other aspects of development (e.g., motor skills) to influence child outcomes. She is also interested in developing and examining interventions that enhance executive functioning, self-regulation and well-being in children, particularly mind-body integration interventions such as breathing-, movement- and mindfulness-based activities. Dr Khng has been invited to give talks and workshops in schools on topics around executive functioning and self-regulation and teaches related undergraduate and postgraduate classes on neurodiversity and individual differences in learning. Dr Khng serves on editorial boards of the Language and Education and Frontiers in Psychology (Developmental Psychology) journals.

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