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Qazzilah caters activities to her friend's interests and learning abilities to help him progress

Updated: Apr 15

Nur Qazzilah Binte Kasyful Azeem, Little Greenhouse @S553 Pte Ltd

Qazzilah and Aaron love to spend time together with a book. Almost everyday after lunch, she would call him to sit together and pick a book to read. Aaron is currently not able to read, but would listen as Qazzilah reads to him. While reading, Qazzilah would always ask Aaron to name the pictures they see in the books. At times, Qazzilah would count how many pictures are shown in the book together with Aaron. Qazzilah knows that Aaron likes sharks, so she would try to choose books about sharks and sea creatures so he would be even more interested and excited. After reading, Qazzilah would ask Aaron to help her to keep the book they have just read, and show him the proper place to return the book to in the library corner.

Qazzilah also assists Aaron in learning activities so that he can learn alongside his classmates. For one, she would demonstrate to Aaron the proper way of holding a pencil and other writing tools.

During small group activities, Qazzilah would constantly encourage Aaron to join in and would ensures that he does not move away from the group.

For one of the Numeracy Learning Corner activities, children were instructed to create an ‘A,A,B,B’ pattern. Since the level of difficulty was a little higher than what Aaron would handle, he worked on simple ‘A,B’ pattern instead. In the beginning, Aaron had difficulty creating a pattern of 'sun', 'star' as an ‘A,B’ pattern. While the teacher was busy guiding other groups of children, Qazzilah took the initiative to help Aaron to create another ‘A,B’ pattern using ‘sun’ and ‘moon’, which he could grasp better.

Once, while the children were going to the toilet, Aaron closed the classroom door and accidentally hurt Qazzilah's right toes. It made Qazzilah cry, and upon seeing her cry Aaron immediately touched her arm to show that he was sorry for what happened. Qazzilah immediately wiped her tears and told Aaron that she was fine and told him to be careful next time. Qazzilah has always been compassionate and considerate towards Aaron and is extra understanding towards his actions.

By observing what Qazzilah has been doing to keep Aaron busy with activities, other kids in the group have started to join in to make him blend in and be included at all times! *Children's names have been changed to maintain anonymity.



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