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Norman Kee Kiak Nam Speaker Profile

Updated: May 7

Norman Kee Kiak Nam | Good Start Conference Speaker
Norman Kee Kiak Nam | Good Start Conference Speaker


National Institute of Education - Psychology and Child & Human Development

Norman Kee, a former secondary school teacher, has been a lecturer with the Psychology and Child & Human Development Academic Group at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, for at least a decade. He is Board Certified in Special Education by the American Academy of Special Education Professionals. He is also an elected member of the Omega Gamma Chi, a national honour society for special education teachers of the National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET).

He is a father with three adult sons with autism. His children are working in competitive and supported employment through God’s blessings of resources and opportunities, including the contributions of his wife and many others. He is currently teaching and sharing experiences of what works and why from his research, publications, and trialling of many evidence-based strategies and approaches in pre-service, in-service and consultancy courses. Essentially, it is an eclectic fusion of best practices that are pragmatic, practical and do-able by educators and caregivers.

Norman has also researched and worked with caregivers on effective strategies from the field of neuroscience, focusing on inclusive practices and intervention for learning, behavioural support and employment.


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