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Keynote Speech - Forging Inclusion in Our Preschools

Updated: May 7

Speaker(s): Associate Professor Kenneth Poon

Topic: Forging Inclusion in Our Preschools

Synopsis: Preschool inclusion has, in the recent months, attracted quite some media attention. Children with developmental needs have always been in our preschool classrooms and have been supported with varying degrees of success. Recent refinements to Singapore's early intervention continuum has once again brought the spotlight to this issue. 

In this presentation, an evidence-informed approach will be taken to consider how children with developmental needs can be included in preschools. Successful inclusion in preschools is possible for most children but it requires collaboration between various stakeholders. First, approaches for preschool teachers to include children with developmental needs will be considered. Following that, the role of preschool management in developing a system for supporting inclusion will be explored. Finally, the collaboration between preschools and parents will be discussed.

With this approach, the importance of the broader ecological environment is emphasised but the limitations will also be considered. The talk will end with a short exploration of future directions for the development of inclusive practices within Singapore preschools.


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