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Karen Chin Speaker Profile

Karen Chin | Good Start Conference Speaker
Karen Chin | Good Start Conference Speaker

Assistant Vice President


Mandai Wildlife Group

Karen possesses 20 years of experience in designing transformational experiences for early learners, educators and parents at wildlife parks and in museums. She is a strong advocate for family learning and believes that learning can happen anytime, anywhere. At Mandai Wildlife Group, Karen established the Preschool Taskforce and is responsible for initiating partnerships projects with institutions and preschool operators focusing on innovative ways to support early childhood development. One of novel educational strategies she introduced is a suite of animal-inspired mindfulness activities that may be used in the classroom and outdoors to enhance life skills. They serve as self-regulation tools not just for children but also for adults. She developed these ideas while being certified as a trainer with Mind in the Making, a programme that aims to strengthen the critical executive function skills in children. Karen holds an M.A. in Museum Studies from University College London.

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