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Iris Chen Speaker Profile

Updated: May 7

Iris Chen | Good Start Conference Speaker
Iris Chen | Good Start Conference Speaker

Senior Educational Psychologist

Community Psychology Hub

Iris is a Senior Educational Psychologist at the Community Psychology Hub with over a decade of experience working with children with developmental needs. She currently provides intervention to preschool children with behavioral, social and emotional difficulties as part of the Development Support and Learning Support (DS-LS) programme. She has also worked with the primary school population as an MOE Educational Psychologist, providing assessment and consultation services to schools and contributing to policy work that aim to enhance the support for children with special needs in mainstream schools. Iris adopts a child-centred approach which focuses on a child’s strengths and interests when carrying out interventions. She also strives to work closely with caregivers and teachers to equip them with strategies to promote positive behaviors and develop social-emotional competence in their children.

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