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GS24: Break Out A.E2 Leading and managing a culture of collaboration

Updated: Jun 26

*this break out presentation/workshop will be conducted in English


Topic: A.E2 Leading and managing a culture of collaboration

Synopsis: When early childhood educators come together with a shared purpose, conviction and belief, they embody unity in strength. This unity fosters a sense of belonging and builds relationships, leading to greater collective accomplishments. Strength in unity is underpinned by three pillars: collaboration, cooperation, and mutual support. These pillars empower educators to deliver quality programs, build partnerships, overcome challenges, and support the best interests of children and families as a collective whole.

This workshop is designed for early childhood leaders who are interested in building a culture of collaboration at their centres. Participants will learn strategies for fostering a positive centre culture, encouraging teamwork, and engage in group discussions to analyze case studies and share best practices with fellow leaders in the early childhood education community.

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