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Break Out B.E4 Social and Emotional Learning Using Puppetry

*this break out presentation/workshop will be conducted in English


Speaker(s): Juliana Geetha, Hadjirul Eliona Francisco and Liang Hong (Anglican Preschool Services)

Topic: B.E4 Social and Emotional Learning Using Puppetry

Synopsis: What are the essential elements needed to create inclusive preschool environments? Beyond people, policies and procedures, what else might need to be ready?

Zabeli, Gjelaj and Ewing (2020) mentioned that the success of an inclusive program is highly dependent on the attitudes and beliefs of all the players involved in the child’s life. They also share that it is the “programs, not children, have to be ‘ready for inclusion’”. Attitudes and beliefs drive our actions and reactions.

In this presentation/workshop we hope for our teachers to learn what it looks like to help children embrace others and to believe that children should and can learn in an inclusive environment.

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