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Break Out B.E3 Harnessing the Power of Your Visual Mind for Lesson Planning

Updated: May 7

*this break out presentation/workshop will be conducted in English


Topic: B.E3 Harnessing the Power of Your Visual Mind for Lesson Planning

Synopsis: What are some strategies that enables a teacher to prepare their lessons better? Beyond improving pedagogical approaches, are there thinking routines that enables a teacher to better "see" their lessons, and thus, engage their young charges better?

Here's a thought: the person who best ‘sees’ the lesson is the person who can best engage the children.

This workshop shows teachers how to harness the power of visual thinking in lesson planning, delivery and material design. Based on the latest in cognitive research about visual thinking and learning, as well as the ground breaking visual toolkit from Dan Roam (author of five international bestsellers, including THE BACK OF THE NAPKIN: SOLVING PROBLEMS WITH PICTURES), we show what to draw, and how to draw in planning for lessons. Teachers tap on both the logical and creative mind, expanding the scope of ideas during the lesson brainstorming stage. When visual thinking is applied to lesson design, lessons are more creative, compelling, and impactful.

Through this workshop, participants can expect to learn:

(1) What visual thinking is and how it brings clarity to the cognitive mind

(2) What to draw and how to draw them while doing lesson planning through 'Let’s Draw: Introducing the "Visual Alphabet"'

(3) A New Visual Thinking Toolkit: <6><6> modes of visual thinking

(4) Applications of Visual Thinking to Unit and Lesson planning


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