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Break Out B.C3 为学前教育领导和工作者提供动物园启发的正念练习

Updated: Aug 14, 2023


*this break out presentation/workshop will be conducted in Mandarin

Speaker(s): Ong Peiying (Mandai Wildlife Group)

Topic: B.C3 为学前教育领导和工作者提供动物园启发的正念练习

(translation: Zoo-inspired Mindfulness Practices for Preschool Leaders and Educators)

Synopsis: 在这个要求严格且不断变化的世界中,自我关怀和心理健康变得越来越重要。 学前教育专业人员在培养儿童的社会情感发展方面发挥着关键作用,他们必须更好地了解自己的情绪,以便更有效地处理具有挑战性的情况。 心理健康也为专业互动和终身学习创造了一个积极的环境。 本次研讨会的目标是让学前教育领导和教育工作者掌握简单而有力的动物启发式正念练习,促进自我保健。

(translation: Self-care and mental well-being are becoming increasingly important in our demanding and ever-changing world. Preschool professionals play a key role in nurturing children in social-emotional development, and it is essential that they understand their own emotions better to be more effective and to manage challenging situations. Mental wellness also creates a positive environment for professional interactions and lifelong learning. This workshop aims to equip preschool leaders and educators with simple but powerful animal-inspired mindfulness practices to promote self-care.)


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