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Break Out A.C3 释放出以儿童为中心的文档的力量:教育者与儿童之间的共同规划和共同学习


*this break out presentation/workshop will be conducted in Mandarin

Speaker(s): Ng Shu Ping and Zeng Min 曾敏 (Anglican Preschool Services)

Topic: A.C3 释放出以儿童为中心的文档的力量:教育者与儿童之间的共同规划和共同学习

(translation: Unleashing the Power of Child-Centred Documentation: Co-planning and co-learning between educator & children)

Synopsis: 以儿童为中心的文档的重要性是什么?教师可持续,又有意义的记载儿童学习进展的关键是什么?幼教教育者又如何能将他/她尊重孩子的思考和学习过程的记录实践出来呢?

本讲座/该研讨会的灵感来自克莱尔·沃登 (Claire Warden) 的 Floorbook,并表彰其以儿童为主导的观察、记录和规划方法。本次研讨会的主要收获包括

(1) 在整个记录过程中,参与者将儿童视为自己学习的积极参与者

(2) 一个以儿童为主导,并能让初学者和有经验的教师都可以在课堂上轻松实施,的文档工具

(3) 一种在有意教学和儿童自主之间取得平衡的记录工具

(4) 教学领导可以用来批判性地检查我们为儿童提供的课程的工具

(translation: Why does child-centered documentation matter? What is the key to documenting a child's progress that is both sustainable and meaningful to the teachers, the parents and most importantly the child in question? How does an educator translate his/her desire to make learning visible into documentation-practices that honours the child's thinking and learning process?

This workshop is inspired by Claire Warden's Floorbook and honours its child-led approach to observation, documentation and planning. Key takeaways from this workshop include

(1) participants seeing children as active participants of their own learning throughout this documentation process (2) a child-led documentation tool for Nursery to Kindergarten children that beginning to experienced teachers can easily implement in their classrooms (3) a documentation tool that offers a balance between intentional teaching and child autonomy (4) a tool that pedagogical leaders can use to critically examine the program we provide for children

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