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Break Out A.C2 情绪教育“动”起来

Updated: May 7


*this break out presentation/workshop will be conducted in Mandarin

Topic: A.C2 情绪教育“动”起来

(translation: Moving towards Education that Develops Children with Emotional Agility)

Synopsis: 情绪对一个人的影响很大。孩子从出生到8岁以前是情绪人格发展的重要阶段,照顾者与教育方式是否得当,影响深远。在此工作坊中,参与者将能通过绘本及美术活动,帮助孩子认识自己的情绪,学习表达情感,关怀他人,建立安全感与自信。 通过此工作坊,参与者将能:

(1) 认识孩子的九大气质 (2) 认识情绪发展的四个阶段

(3) 通过活动让孩子察觉自己的情绪

(4) 自我管理- (5) 冷静技巧

(translation: All humans have emotions, and managing our emotions is an integral part of being human. When does one begin to develop their emotional quotient? It begins from birth to 8 years. The manner in which the caregiver models emotional dexterity, and the manner through which the child is educated play an immense role in shaping a child's emotional health. Through this workshop, participants will

(1) learn about the nine temperaments of a child,

(2) learn the four stages of emotional development

(3) activity ideas that encourages a child to be aware of of their emotions

(4) activities that encourage self-regulation

(5) strategies to calm oneself down


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