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Faridah Ali Chang Speaker Profile

Updated: May 7

Faridah Ali Chang | Good Start Conference Speaker
Faridah Ali Chang | Good Start Conference Speaker

Principal Psychologist

Rainbow Centre Family Empowerment Programme

Rainbow Centre Singapore

Faridah is the Principal Psychologist and Key Worker with Rainbow Centre’s Family Empowerment Programme supporting caregivers who face challenges with their children & youths with disability and a trainer with Rainbow Centre Training and Consultancy. With 30 years of experience in working with persons with disabilities, families and caregivers, Faridah shares her skills and experiences as a teacher, psychologist and parent coach to facilitate learning for educators, parents and professionals. As an experienced speaker on specific disability topics, Faridah has made presentations to the public, medical organisations and tertiary institutions in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. Faridah was part of a panel in IASSID’s virtual event, sharing her journey in ‘Support for families and their high needs children during the COVID19 pandemic’. Faridah is passionate about increasing awareness about persons with disabilities and their families, and hopes that they can one day be a part of the fabric of an inclusive Singapore and the community at large.

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