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Eulisia Er Speaker Profile

Updated: May 7

Eulisia Er | Good Start Conference Speaker
Eulisia Er | Good Start Conference Speaker

Educational Psychologist


Eulisia is a Singapore Registered Psychologist. She works with individuals with special needs from 18 months to 65 years of age and across a spectrum of presentations. She has extensive experience in conducting assessments, behaviour management support and psychological interventions to individuals with special educational and developmental needs. She also has a keen interest in early intervention, home-school partnership and parenting. Her current PhD studies at University College London is focused on partnership between educators and families.​Eulisia has previously worked at Early Intervention Programmes for Infants and Children (EIPIC) Centres, Special Schools and was a locum for DAS, MOE and numerous private clinics. She believes that early intervention is the key to helping children develop and adapt to the society as best as they can. It gives her great satisfaction to know that she has played a role in helping the childrenprogress in their lives. She has helped numerous parents and teachers understand the significance of building healthy relationships with their children as a basis for positive behavioural changes and skills acquisition.

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