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the "what"

Children play an essential role in creating inclusive preschool environments, and by extension, an inclusive Singapore.


The Good Start SG movement aims to raise children who are exemplars to others (both children and adults alike), hence the Little Heroes of Inclusion campaign.  

Good Start Girl.jpeg

Starting from their early years, we hope to inculcate values integral in creating an inclusive society, such as compassion and acceptance. We want to raise them to be active change agents that are capable of shaping a compassionate meritocracy for the generation after ours.

Children Running

It Takes a Child to Transform a Village

the "why"

LH Plaque.jpeg

As part of the campaign, we invite preschools in Singapore to nominate children who have been examples of good inclusive practices. This is an annual effort to recognise and encourage them. Awards will be given out during the annual Good Start Conference.

Through the award, we hope that they will inspire others to learn, play, contribute and participate meaningfully alongside their typically developing peers in the classroom and the community. 



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