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Yun Jia is always by her friend's side to guide and encourage him through daily tasks and challenges

Updated: Apr 15

Cheang Yun Jia, My First Skool at Blk 209 Ang Mo Kio Yun Jia and Eric* have formed a close and meaningful friendship as peers who learn and play together. Their friendship began when they were first introduced to each other two years back in Nursery 2. From the start, teachers told the children that Eric is a special boy and may require help and understanding from others. Since then, Yun Jia has tried her best understand Eric and lend him a helping hand when required. Moreover, Yun Jia and Eric found common interests and shared a sense of curiosity, which laid the foundation for their friendship. They quickly discovered that they both had a passion for learning and exploring new ideas. Whether it be in the classroom, outdoors or in their free time, Yun Jia can be seen including and engaging Eric.

During circle time or sharing sessions, Yun Jia and Eric have the opportunity to express themselves and share their experiences with the class. Yun Jia encourages Eric to communicate by asking questions and listening actively to their peers responses. Yun Jia can be seen sitting with Eric to guide him along the way. For example, Yun Jia might ask Eric about his weekend and encourage him to share details about his activities, fostering communication and building confidence in expressing thoughts and feelings.

Yun Jia offers assistance and guidance to Eric when he faces challenges. She patiently explains concepts, demonstrates techniques, or provides examples to help him understand and overcome difficulties. For example, if Eric is struggling to understand a mathematical concept, Yun Jia might sit down with him and demonstrate the steps learnt from the teacher. Yun Jia and Eric engage in various play activities that require cooperation and communication. They may work together to build structures with blocks, create imaginative scenarios with dolls or action figures, or participate in dramatic play. In these activities, they communicate their ideas, negotiate roles, and solve problems together, fostering effective communication and teamwork. For example, Yun Jia would say, "Eric, I will build the bottom blocks first then I let you continue okay. We can play and help each other out."

During outdoor time, Yun Jia often encourages Eric to try his best during Motor Skills Development lessons. There was one instance where Eric was not able to balance well. Upon observing that, Yun Jia ran towards him to hold his hand so that Eric was able to walk and balance well without falling. While holding his hand, Yun Jia said "You're doing a great job! Keep trying!" Yun Jia offers praise and positive reinforcement to Eric for other efforts and achievements too. She acknowledges his progress, celebrates milestones and provides encouragement to motivate him to continue learning. For example, if Eric successfully completes a challenging task, Yun Jia might say, "Great job, Eric! You worked so hard."

Yun Jia sets an example of inclusiveness by treating Eric with respect, kindness, and understanding. She encourages her friends to engage with Eric, play with him, and include him in their activities. By actively including Eric and demonstrating acceptance, Yun Jia inspires her friends to do the same. Yun Jia encourages her friends to develop friendships with Eric by highlighting his positive qualities and interests, helping her friends to see him beyond his challenges. Yun Jia might say things like, "Eric loves dinosaurs just like us! Let's invite him to play with us during free play." Her encouragement fosters a sense of friendship and support among her peers. *Child's name has been changed to maintain anonymity.


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