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Erin Tan Speaker profile

Updated: May 7

Erin Tan | Good Start Conference Speaker
Erin Tan | Good Start Conference Speaker

Education Support Teacher

Presbyterian Preschool Services

Erin is currently working as an Education Support Teacher, supporting special needs students in Presbyterian Preschool Services (Tampines) to assimilate into mainstream preschool settings. She is a recent graduate from University of South Wales in Masters of Arts in Special Education Needs/ Additional Learning Needs. She believes inclusive education is essential to facilitate the shift towards a more harmonious society. One of the takeaways she had from her dissertation research is that when educators acknowledge diverse learning needs and view traits as differences and not deficits, we are taking our initial steps towards inclusive education. With that in mind, she aims to work closely with teachers and various stakeholders on strategies that promote inclusivity and ensuring that learning is made fulfilling for every student in the classroom.

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