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Jacqueline Chung Speaker Profile

Dr Jacqueline Chung | Good Start Conference Speaker
Dr Jacqueline Chung | Good Start Conference Speaker

Academic Director

Anglican Preschool Services

Dr. Jacqueline Chung is the Senior Director (Leadership Development) of Anglican Preschool Services. Jacqueline holds a PhD in early childhood education and has 27 years of leadership experience in the EC sector. As an ECDA Fellow she also trains, coaches, and mentors EC leaders. In addition to leadership development, she is passionate about the arts, and is an advocate for inclusion in preschools. She was co-host in 'How We Do School', a nine-episode video series that explores inclusive practices schools in Finland and British Columbia. Jacqueline was the first in Asia to be a certified trainer of 'Key to Learning', a Vygotskyian approach to early childhood education, and is also a Gallup Strengths coach. She believes strongly in the power of collaboration and has forged synergistic partnerships with a variety of individuals and organisations ranging from healthcare, environmental sustainability, design, educational technology, inclusion, publication, museums and galleries.

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