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Dr. Esther Joosa


Arts of the Earth Learning Hub

Dr Esther Joosa (PhD) is the founder and director of Arts of the Earth Learning Hub, an inclusive play and art education consultancy. Originally from the Netherlands, she made Singapore her home. For more than three decades, her work, research, and collaborations have centred on finding ways to open doors through play, creativity and the visual arts. One of her notable contributions to early childhood and special education include a one year research in collaboration with Playeum on the value of open-ended play for children with varying disabilities. In today’s keynote and workshop, she features insights into this ongoing collaboration with Playeum and the role of play in inclusive community building. To Esther, the essence of education is to build dialogue with the future and start each day with an open mind about what is possible in coming together and building shared pathways with diverse stakeholders.


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