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Dian Idaly Speaker Profile

Updated: May 7

Dian Idaly | Good Start Conference Speaker
Dian Idaly | Good Start Conference Speaker

Assistant Manager


Mandai Wildlife Group

Dian has 10 years of experience in teaching and curriculum planning for early learners, educators, and parents in preschool settings. She is a keen supporter of child-led inquiry and outdoor learning. She believes children learn best through play and exploration of the environment. Dian is now an educator with Mandai Wildlife Group, focusing on preschool programmes and professional development training of preschool educators to enhance language and literacy skills in Malay and English. She has designed workshops that are centered on animal-inspired professional interactions and self-care strategies for both preschool leaders and educators. She is a certified trainer with Mind in the Making, a programme that aims to strengthen the critical executive function skills in children. Dian earned her B.S. in Early Childhood and Leadership at Wheelock College.

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