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Sun Ying Speaker Profile

Updated: May 7

Sun Ying | Good Start Conference Speaker
Sun Ying | Good Start Conference Speaker

Head of Chinese Curriculum

Presbyterian Preschool Services

Sun Ying prides herself in being a dreamer – a dreamer that enables children to grow and glow in order to achieve their fullest potential. Having spent her entire early childhood career in Curriculum Research and Design, she leads her team in designing Chinese modules that exemplify Truth, Beauty and Goodness in the Presbyterian Preschools. These modules such as Do-Re-Mi Music and Movement, Morning Star Thematic Programme and Stories from the Bible are currently implemented in our classrooms.

She is also deeply passionate about teacher training and mentorship, investing her time in members of her team to develop the right image of the children and be equipped with the best classroom practices. Beyond her work in PPS, she lectures at NIEC and is also a WSQ qualified trainer. At present, she is pursuing her Master of Arts in Counselling with Singapore Bible College.

“Real education is more than just imparting knowledge. It is about educating the soul and inspiring children to be curious and explore. As Karl Theodor Jaspers said, “education is a tree shaking another tree, a cloud driving another cloud, and a soul awakening another soul.”

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