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Break Out A.E4 Identifying Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) in the Classroom

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

*this break out presentation/workshop will be conducted in English


Topic: A.E4 Identifying Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) in the Preschool Classroom

Synopsis: Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) was coined to describe and increase the identification of a group of children who present with structural language impairments that impact lifelong learning and outcomes. It is found that “2 children in every classroom” have DLD. These children are “hidden”, and their disability is often undetected. Early detection (and intervention) is the key to minimizing the impacts of delays and maximizing the potential of young children with or at risk for communication disorders or other developmental disabilities.

This workshop will guide participants through the necessary early childhood practice of distinguishing speech from language skills to identify and support the children with DLD in their preschool classroom. A hands-on demonstration of an app for profiling K-1 children's bilingual language needs will also be provided.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to

(1) Recognise the difference between speech, language, and communication skills in preschool children

(2) Distinguish DLD from other speech, language, and communication needs (SLCN) for a referral

(3) Apply a Multi-tiered Language Strategy to support the language development of all the children in their preschool classroom


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