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Break Out A.C4 课堂绘本阅读: 读什么怎么读

Updated: Aug 14, 2023


*this break out presentation/workshop will be conducted in Mandarin

Speaker(s): Dr Sun He (National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University)

Topic: A.C4 课堂绘本阅读: 读什么怎么读

(translation: Shared Book Reading in Class: What to Read and How to Read)

Synopsis: 早期阅读对孩子的语言和学习有着深远的影响。有研究表明,孩子之间8%的语言差异跟早期阅读息息相关。绘本阅读是幼教课堂上和家庭生活中常见的活动,老师和家长可以通过共享阅读促进孩子的阅读兴趣,学习新的词汇,提高阅读理解能力。


(1) 根据不同年龄段孩子的认知特点来选书

(2) 通过恰如其分的提问和伴读,拓展孩子的认知和对故事的理解

(3) 使用电子书来促进孩子的重复阅读和独立阅读

(translation: Early reading has a profound impact on a child's language and learning. Studies have shown that 8% of language differences between children are closely related to early literacy abilities. Reading picture books is a common activity in preschool classrooms and at home. Teachers and parents can promote children's interest in reading, learn new vocabulary, and improve reading comprehension through shared reading.

In this presentation, participants can expect to learn how to

(1) Choose books according to the cognitive characteristics of children of different ages

(2) Expand children's cognition and understanding of stories through appropriate questions and accompanying reading

(3) Use e-books to promote children's repeated reading and independent reading)


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