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Ms. Jancy Chua 

Adjunct Lecturer and Founder
A Special Door (Early Intervention and Consultancy)

Ms Jancy Chua started her professional journey humbly as a teacher assistant for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Pathlight School. Her interest in special education grew as she learnt more about the strengths and challenges of children with special needs; this grew into a passion to teach these children and support their families. Throughout her teaching (and learning) journey, she has been blessed to meet different mentors who have imparted skills and knowledge generously and helped her hone her craft.


With the founding of A Special Door, she has continued to serve the special needs community through early intervention services, and learning and behavior support in home, local and international school settings. She has also run a school readiness programme for preschoolers with special needs in an inclusive learning environment within a Montessori preschool.


Currently, she directs and runs customizable small-group learning support programmes for children and hosts sharing sessions and gatherings for A Special Door community. She is also enjoying sharing stories from her journey with in-service educators as an adjunct lecturer with the National Institute of Early Childhood Development (NIEC). In her heart, she firmly believes that teachers learn the most from their own students; it is important to take deep breaths, keep an open mind and stick around to learn from the children. Her growth mindset stems from this - Every opportunity to teach is an opportunity to learn. 

刚毕业的蔡坦杏在新光学校担任自闭症儿童的助教,从而开始了她的职业生涯。随着她更深入地了解特殊孩童的专长及他们面临的学习挑战,她对特殊教育越感兴趣。这兴趣很快地转换成一股教育这些孩童并辅助他们的家庭的热忱。在这教育与自我提升的路上,她有幸接触过许多经验丰富的导师。他们慷慨地传授技能和知识,令她获益良多,也有助于磨练她成为更称职的特殊教育工作者。成立A Special Door 之后,她以不同的方式继续服务有特殊需要的社群 – 包括在家,公立和私立学校提供学习与行为辅助和治疗。她也一度与某蒙特梭利幼稚园合作,在包容性的学习环境进行小组入学准备。目前,她有一半的时间是在开办客定式的小组学习辅助计划,并为有特殊需要的社区举办分享会和聚会;另一半的时间则是在 National Institute of Early Childhood Development (直译:新加坡幼儿发展研究所) 担任兼职讲师。她坚信学生就是每位教师最丰富的学习教材,每一次的施教都是学习的好机会。

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