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Mrs. Shermaine Tang


Singapore Chinese Girls' School

Mrs Shermaine Tang serves in an established Full School for students 6 to 16 years old. Prior to her current role, Shermaine served in the MOEHQ developing policies and designing curriculum for schools. An experienced school leader, Shermaine has also contributed to the transformations of the primary and secondary schools she has led through the years.


As an educator, Shermaine values every child and believes that it is important to treat each of them with respect. School is where students discover their uniqueness, affirmed for who they are; and educators help students find their voice and personal mission to live a life of significance.  


What has given Shermaine the greatest satisfaction in her vocation is to nurture kind and caring students who are happy and confident being who they are, and who sincerely help others with their unique gifts and talents.  She hopes that all her students graduate from school with good, true friends whom they can find support from and who can journey with through the different seasons of life.


Outside of school, Shermaine enjoys working with seniors and disadvantaged youth and families in the community whenever she finds the time.  It can be humbling sometimes, but it is always a joy and privilege to be able to serve others.

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