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Ms. Tee Yi Zheng Yi

Break Out Presenter

Early Interventionist

Rainbow Centre

Tee Yi is a Lead Early Interventionist at Rainbow Centre. She heads the Early Intervention @ Preschool service and is the team lead for the project, “Making Every Preschool Inclusive”.

Tee Yi had opportunities to work with preschool educators and believes that preschools are the natural environment for children of diverse abilities to learn and play together.

She champions collaboration and believe that an active and structured platform for collaboration between the two sectors- Early Intervention and Early Childhood, is pivotal to creating an inclusive preschool environment.

Presentation Topic and Synopsis

Adopting the Co-Teaching Approach to Enhance Inclusive Practices in the Classroom

What is the co-teaching approach? How does it provide a sturcture for the Early Childhood and Early Intervention sectors to enhance inclusive practices in the classroom? How can it positively influence children of diverse needs in the preschool setting?

In the Singapore preschool landscape, the Early Childhood (EC) and Early Intervention (EI) fraternity has traditionally worked quite separately. With greater emphasis on inclusion in the early childhood sector in Singapore, more students with diverse needs are gaining access to preschool education. This presentation will introduce participants to the co-teaching model and shed light on the positive influence this approach can deliver.

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