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Ms. Loh Wan Ting

Break Out Presenter

Art Therapist and Founder

Red Ballon Therapy

Loh Wan Ting is a credentialed art therapist and the founder of Red Balloon Therapy with clinical experiences in the community, schools and social service agencies. She firmly believes in the healing process of art creation to empower individuals towards growth and to live life courageously.

She utilises trauma-informed practices in her work with people with disabilities, children, adults, and elderly from different cultural backgrounds with emotional or psychological difficulties.

Presentation Topic and Synopsis

Getting to Know Art Therapy and Ways to Support Children's Learning in the Classroom

What is art therapy? How can it benefit children in their growth? How can teachers adapt art therapy's strategies to cater to children with different learning needs in the classroom?

This hands-on workshop serves as an introduction into the world of art therapy. It also provides strategies as to how teachers can use art-making techniques in the classrooms to guide children towards better learning outcomes and emotional regulation.

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