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Ms. Esther Kwan

Break Out Presenter


Grace Orchard School

Esther has been an educator for the past 18 years, majority of which has been in Special Education. Since 2016, she has overseen the implementation of UDL in her school and regularly conducts UDL-focused trainings for teachers. Esther gets excited working with fellow educators to create spaces which develops expert learners and where learning is accessible by all.

Presentation Topic and Synopsis

Getting Acquainted with Universal Design for Learning

What exactly is Universal Design for Learning (UDL)? How does this framework support the removal of barriers of teaching, making learning accessible by all students?

How can an educator can use the UDL framework in their classroom

This workshop seeks to get participants acquainted to UDL as a learning framework with the goal of nurturing children who are proficient in learning. Participants will also be introduced to the depth, complexity and most importantly, possible applications of UDL in the teacher's daily classroom instruction.

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