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Ms. A. Susila

Break Out Presenter

Assistant Manager, Development and Care

Presbyterian Preschool Services

With more than 30 years of experience in Early Childhood Education and Special Needs, Susila heads the Educational Support Programme (ESP) in Presbyterian Preschool Services (PPS). She won the ECDA Inaugural Outstanding Early Intervention Award in 2021.

Susila holds a degree in Psychology with Counselling and has worked in numerous capacities as preschool teacher, learning support educator, mentor and parent trainer. An energetic trainer and facilitator who is attuned with her learners, she brings energy into the training room.

Presentation Topic and Synopsis

Using Embedded Instruction to Support Young Children’s Learning

What is embedded instruction? How can it provide additional help to children, and enable children with developmental concerns to participate meaningfully alongside their peers?

With classrooms being increasingly inclusive, embedded instruction is an approach that supports the learning of children with developmental or special needs in a preschool classroom setting. In this session, a framework and associated teaching practices related to this approach will be presented. Participants will also be presented with practical handles through a demonstration on what to teach, when the teach and how to teach.

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