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Dr. Lucy Pou

Break Out Presenter


L.A.M.P. Learning

Dr. Lucy Pou has worked with children with learning difficulties and special needs and their parents for nearly three decades. She has also conceptualised, designed, and set up programmes for learning support and intervention. Dr. Pou also examined the theory of Mediated Learning Experience for her doctoral studies, contextualised it for application in Singapore and has published works on this.

Presentation Topic and Synopsis

Promoting Young Children's Cognitive Development Through Mediating Learning

What do we know about helping the development of thinking in young children and the impact this has? How do we support the cognitive development of children who have learning difficultes or special needs?

This presentation explores the importance of cognitive development, and the impact it has on the different aspects of one's life - from learning, shaping of worldview to engaging with the social world. It also explores the strategies that early childhood practitioners can use with children to nurture their thinking abilities.

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