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Part of our effort to build a community of practice that equips, supports and advances inclusion in preschools is the organising of the annual Good Start Early Childhood Conference. Each year, our Conference aspires to bring in presenters who are not only experts in their field, but also practitioners who have not lost touch with the ground to equip Conference attendees practical handles they can immediately apply at work (or at home for the parents). 


The Conference seeks to bring in speakers and presenters that can that engage and transform attendees through their hearts, minds and hands.

In the past 2 iterations of the Good Start Early Childhood Conference, we have committed to curate workshops and presentations that offer practical handles that are applicable to the early childhood practitioner. These workshops are also designed to be run by practitioners themselves who have experience working with preschoolers or children with additional needs. However, this is only one dimension of how early childhood professionals can learn from more knowledgeable others.


This year, we introduce a new dimension of learning called The Human Library Experience. Other than workshops, the afternoon Break Out Session will feature 18 different “Human Books” that participants can “read from”. Human Books will share their experience, expertise and motivations behind their work.


Other than seasoned early childhood practitioners and industry leaders, participants will get to read from parents with children with additional needs, civil servants who play a role in shaping policies in the early childhood landscape and early interventionists, just to name a few. All in all, participants will get to choose to “read from” 18 different “Human Books” and hear from them in a more intimate, informal and cosy setting.


We have noted an increase in the number of childcare centres that choose to send their entire team of teachers to the conference as part of their professional development plan. This year, we wanted to create opportunities through the attending of the conference to allow preschool teams to bond as well.


Activities that Principals can choose can include participating in learning new arts and craft techniques (e.g. ice painting, Nagomi art or acrylic pour), mental wellbeing techniques or facilitated conversations on clearer and effectual workplace communication, just to name a few.


Exhibitors that provide products, services or expertise to the early childhood practitioners will also be invited to showcase their work during the exhibition. There are also longer stretches or recesses between each Break Out session for participants to learn more.


Exhibitors invited include screening tools used for preschoolers, educational toolkits as well as learning materials that early childhood practitioners or parents might find useful.


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