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Xi-En is patient and supportive of her friend who is still learning to communicate effectively

Updated: Apr 15

Chang Xi-En, MOE Kindergarten @ North Vista

Xi-En would often help her friends without any prompting from the teacher. Her help would come in forms of actions and words. She helps without expecting any reward and she is always on the look out for friends who need her help. Vinton is a child diagnosed with developmental delays. He enjoys participating in play experiences with his friends. However, he is still developing the language skills required to initiate these play experiences and conversations. Vinton often feels insecure and would repeatedly ask his friends, “Am I your best friend?" Regardless of the number of times asked, Xi-En is always patient and would reassure Vinton that he is her friend.

When working in groups or taking turns, Xi-En would always ensure that Vinton has a chance to participate. Even though other children would easily leave the conversation when they are unable to decipher what Vinton is saying or engage in a conversation with him, Xi-En would always patiently request for Vinton to repeat himself until she understands what he is saying.

Xi-En would often cheer for Vinton when participating in movement activities. She is aware that V is still working on his movement skills. Sometimes when Vinton is having difficulties in balancing, she would offer her hand and help him to balance.

Xi-En is an advocate in the class. She is on a constant look-out to make sure that everyone in the classroom is included. If she sees a friend not engaged in a group, she would move herself nearby to play alongside that friend. In fact, Xi-En often invites Vinton to join in to play with her. Despite her shy personality, she is willing to step out of her comfort zone to invite others to care for Vinton.

Another friend, Sheryl*, broke her arm and had to have her arm in a cast and sling for a month. Without any prompts, Xi-En took the initiative to help Sheryl carry her bag daily. She also watched over Sheryl and quickly ran over to assist her when she needed help (e.g. opening her water bottle, turning on the tap, unzipping her bag, etc.) *Children's names have been changed to maintain anonymity.


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