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What is the Good Start Run?

The Good Start SG movement spearheaded by Presbyterian Preschool Services (PPS) in 2022 was aimed at allowing as many children have a good start in life as possible. This includes children with developmental needs who are often left to their own devices or left behind. 


Beyond having patient teachers who love working with children and are passionate about their jobs, these children often need targeted help from specialists who offer practical strategies. This comes at a cost. Hence, we are thankful that partners like Mr Lim Nghee Huat who have come alongside us in this journey to partner us in raising funds for these efforts to be realised on the ground. 

2023's Good Start Run involves Uncle Nghee Huat running an ultra-marathon in Race Across Scotland on 12 August 2023. Having run for charity for many years, he believes in using his uperpower" of running to bless the community. He hopes to raise runs for PPS' Educational Support Programme so that more children with developmental needs who struggle in mainstream preschools will be able to learn, grow and glow alongside their peers. 

Beautiful Landscape

#1 Location: Scotland 

The race will be held across Scotland. It would start at Portpatrick and ends at Southern Upland Way.

Desert Road

#2 Distance: 346KM

The breathtaking Scottish National trail take runners from the beautiful coastline of Portpatrick, over the mountains, along the valleys, through the beautiful forests of the Southern Uplands and along trails steeped in history.

running up staris

#3 Ultra Marathoner

In the past 18 years Mr Lim Gghee Huat has run 14 times for various charity and non-profit organizations.  Beneficiaries include HCA Hospice Care, St. Hilda’s Community Services, Habitat for Humanity Singapore, Beacon Primary School and Singapore Table Tennis Association.

Fundraising Appreciation Dinner

for The GoodStart Run 2023

In support of Educational Support Programme (ESP) for children with development needs, Ultramarathoner Mr Lim Nghee Huat is running 346km for the coast-to-coast Race Across Scotland on 12 August 2023.  He aims to raise $500k to give these children a good start in life.

Leading up to the GoodStart Run, Mr Lim Nghee Huat will be hosting a fundraising appreciation dinner for donors who have graciously donated $5,000 and above for the GoodStart Run Fundraising Campaign. If you would like to donate for this cause, kindly drop us a email at


Ms Low Yen Ling

Minister of State for 

Ministry of Trade and Industry and

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

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Helping Hands

A helping hand can be a ray of sunshine in a cloudy world

the "why"

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Funding programmes to the benefit of children with developmental needs is costly but worthwhile as every child is precious in God’s sight, and fearfully and wonderfully made. Our efforts to give each child a good start in life goes further with partners who join us in our endeavour.

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